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More Rules

  • Only businesses located in the United States are eligible for coupons from Make My Own Coupons at this time.
  • You can only enter yourself once into the queue at a time. If you have five email addresses, you can still only have one of those email addresses in the queue at one time.
  • A payment email address or phone can only be used for one non-archived coupon.
  • A receipt may only be applied to one coupon. No payment will be given for a receipt that has already been used for a different coupon in the system.
  • You can only create one coupon for yourself total, until you invite other people using the URL with the inv_code parameter. You can then create one additional coupon for every invitee who enters their email address or begins to create their coupon using the URL with the inv_code parameter and is approved by the Make My Own Coupons administrators and has not entered the system previously.
  • You must wait at least one week after submitting a coupon to add your name back into the queue. Only two coupons are allowed per person every 30 days, and only as many total as are allowed by the rule about invitees above.
  • Payment will be made in US dollars only. If your account with PayPal / Google Pay is in a different currency, PayPal / Google Pay are responsible for converting the currency. They may subtract a conversion fee from your coupon amount.
  • The amount you receive will be no more than the total amount shown on the receipt minus cash back amounts and minus any other amounts not related to a purchase by the customer.
  • The amount you receive may be rounded to the nearest US dollar amount.
  • The receipt must be dated no more than 30 days before the date the coupon information with the receipt was submitted, must be clearly legible, and must show the address and the name of the business, and the name on the receipt must match the name submitted to this website on the coupon form.

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