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Boy, I'd like to... ...that I can use anywhere!

Tired of searching for coupons for your favorite places?

Wish instead you could just make your own coupon for whatever shop, restaurant, or service you wanted to use?

Make My Own Coupons lets you do just that...*

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To get started, enter your email address below. Once your turn is up, you will receive an email with further instructions. It's completely free to use.

Note: You may wish to configure your email system to not put email from into the Junk Email / Spam folder, or be sure to check your Junk Email / Spam folder often.

Ready to get your coupon? Get started by entering your email address below.

If you've already entered your email address into the queue or entered your coupon information, you can enter it again above to check to see if your turn is up or check your coupon status!

How It Works

It's fast and easy!

  1. STEP 1Find the business using the Search Page and make your coupon.
  2. STEP 2Go to that business and shop normally. Be sure to get a receipt, and submit it here.
  3. STEP 3Get paid! We'll send you your coupon amount via PayPal.

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*Only US-based businesses that are listed in our directory are eligible. See additional rules for more details.

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